Historical overview from the prehistoric age

The city of Trogir is an ancient city in Croatia founded in the third century BC by Greek colonists from the island of Vis, or Issa at that time. Nevertheless, in Trogir we find the remains of human activity since 2000 BC. Trogir with its castle, tower and walls is considered to be the best preserved Romanesque-Gothic city in Central Europe. It is also important to point out the most important cultural monument of the city of Trogir, which is certainly the cathedral in Trogir, whose portal is the west door made by master Radovan.

Trogir captivates many visitors with its many cultural and historical monuments, as well as small streets (Kaletama) and art collections with numerous masterpieces. The ancient beginnings of life in the Trogir region must of course be interpreted by natural, ecological reasons, among which is the convenient location of the historic center. One of the questions that bothers local historians is whether the historic core is originally an islet or whether the tongue of the earth is separated from human labor by a ditch from the surrounding land. Trogir’s depictions of the two ancient maps, that of Ptolemy and that of Peutinger’s, are also different.

town (city) of Trogir, Croatia


But in any case, Trogir is situated in the sea strait between the mainland and the island of Ciovo, at the western entrance to the Kastela Bay, formerly the Gulf of Salonitano. On the southern side, towards Ciovo, Trogir is naturally separated by the sea, and on the north, towards the mainland, it is surrounded by marshy shallows and a moat, which has been carefully maintained for centuries.

It is therefore possible to conclude that Trogir was, however, originally just a tongue of land in the strait, subsequently separated by a trench from the mainland. With its circular shape and location, Trogir is most closely related to Osor, and to some extent Nin. The position in a strategically important place, naturally protected, was tempting to erect a settlement on it. Trogir is therefore one of the few, centuries-old settlements that are not built by decision or by necessity as a refuge, but by natural, urgent search for the most suitable settlements.


It is also worth pointing out the fact that Trogir, or its old city center, has been included on the UNESCO World Heritage List. The specificity of the city lies in the sculptural art of stone. Because of this beauty and value, sometimes walking through the streets of Trogir seems like a trip to the past, in the time of the Greeks, Romans and Venetians.

Trogir today

In recent times, Trogir has gained in importance and popularity due to the large number of visitors who come every year in increasing numbers to Croatia and Trogir. Also, the fact that the city itself is located right next to the international airport is very helpful to him. Numerous boat trips and tours of the city of Trogir are a daily occurrence for the locals, however, Trogir has not yet relented under the trends of modern tourism and we can say that it has “kept its soul”.


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