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F. A. Q. about Stiniva beach, Croatia

Where is Stiniva beach?

Stiniva beach is located on the southern side of the island Vis.

Is STINIVA BEACH worth a visit?

Yes, it is worth a visit because it is very beautiful and different from all other bays in this area.

How far is from Hvar?

It is 12 NM far from Hvar and it takes half an hour to get there by speedboat.

How far is Stiniva bay from Split?

It is 37 NM far from Split and it takes about 1:20 hours by speedboat to get there. Good option for visiting Stiniva is to take the „Blue cave“ boat tour from Split and Stiniva will be included in that trip as one of the destinations.

Can you swim and snorkel in Stiniva BEACH?

Yes you can swim but we strongley recommend you to swim only in the area marked for swimmers because of safety.

Is there any bar or restaurant?

There is just one restaurant in the bay on the beach where you can have a lunch.

Is there sandy or pebble beach in Stiniva BEACH?

It is very nice white pebble beach in Stiniva bay.

How can you get to Stiniva BEACH?

There are two options. First one is by foot from the top of the hill above the Stiniva bay that takes 20 minutes at least or by boat from the sea side.

Why is so popular?

Because it is very nice sight, clean water, high clifs just above the beach that makes natural shade on the half of the beach thrue the whole day. Also very beautiful white pebble beach and undisturbed nature combined with the open blue sea as far as the sight goes, gives you special impression.


Stiniva Bay, a protected part of nature in Croatia under the status of a significant landscape. Although the Vis inhabitans and his friends have always known about her beauty and uniqueness, the European Best Destinations portal in 2016 declared Stiniva the most beautiful European beach. This results in an excessive number of visitors to this protected area. Every day we witness literally hundreds of boats, small, large, private, organized excursions, daily excursions and daily sailing trips that catch this bay on a daily basis during the tourist season.


The very location of Stiniva Bay is excellent as it is located halfway between the island of Biševo (Blue Cave), popular Budikovac and Green Cave on the southern side of the island of Vis. Due to the large number of boats, a safety net was erected in front of the bay so that the boats could not reach the beach and endanger swimmers. For this reason, a large number of visitors decide to jump into the sea and swim to the beach, which when so many give this place a special sense of unity with nature and other visitors and leave unforgettable memories. The management and regulation of tourists in the area will certainly need to be regulated in the future. That is the challenge that lies ahead.

Stiniva beach (bay) on island Vis, Croatia

Former cave

Stiniva beach itself was created by the collapse of a cave whose vaults covered present-day Stiniva. With the collapse of the vault and the action of the sea, the remains of that vault have been transformed into today’s plight. Evidence for this is found on the marginal parts of the cliffs of Stiniva, on which we find stalactites that formed as well as the cave. This beautiful cove has served many times so far in its past as a stage for various movies and weddings.


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